Meet The Band

  • Daryl Griffiths


    Lead Guitar Vocals


    Daryl has been with Missing Lynx from the start,he is a fantastic lead guitarist which he makes look easy with hes smooth style of playing,hes influenced by 60/70s rock hes been playing for around 40 years

  • Tom O'Neill


    Drums Vocals


    A band wouldn't be complete without its Drummer and Tom has been with missing lynx twice now the first time he was with the lynx for almost 4 years and this time from 2017,hes's been playing drums for 37 years and been gigging since he was 16

  • Greg Williams

    Rhythm Guitar Vocals


    Greg has been with Missing Lynx for around 9 years hes a very good solid rhythm guitarist and been playing guitar for  years hes been gigging in bands locally for years

  • Tim Booth


    Lead Singer/Harmonica

    Tim's been Singing with missing lynx for 9 years since the lynx began,he was a rhythm guitarist in previous bands he started gigging at the age of 17

  • Mark Wild


    Bass Guitar

    Mark has been with the lynx for around 9 years,he is a great asset to the band he's influenced by Ramones,nazareth,cheap trick,areosmith ufo hes been playing bass for around 33 years he played orignal metaral in pervious bands

The Missing Lynx Band

Sum of Talented Parts

Coming together to form a professional Rock Band back in 2000, the collaborative efforts of Missing Lynx band were born out of a strong desire to make great Music doing what they loved the most: playing music. Since then, they’ve turned their passion into a success by seamlessly adapting their talents to the musical collective Missing Lynx band - a creative whole greater than the sum of it’s parts.

To get in touch with The MissingLynx you can

1. email

2. call 07785 904743